Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our Other Diffusers

Favorite Essential Oil Diffusers


zaq diffuserThe Zaq Noor diffuser runs for 4 continuous hours with no timer {meaning you have to shut it off or let it run out of water}. It has a multi colored light which can be set to change colors, stay on one color, or be turned off. This diffuser is recommended for rooms 200-300 sq. feet. You can buy it on Amazon here.  We own two of these {pink and green – for our kids} and they both work well after much use almost two years after purchase.



briteleafs diffuser

The Briteleafs diffuser is actually my very favorite for a few reasons. It has the same color feature as the diffuser above, but this one has a timer feature!  You can set it to run for 30, 60, 120 or 180 minutes!  This diffuser is recommended for rooms 120-220 sq. feet and we use it in our master bedroom. Sadly, I broke our first diffuser by letting oil leak onto the on/off button {don’t do this!}. Prior to my error, this diffuser worked beautifully for almost 2 years. After I broke the Briteleafs model, I found one that looked exactly the same on Amazon but made by Signstek, it was only $29.99 so I took a shot!  It looks exactly the same, box and everything and so far works great! My favorite diffuser is back to work in our bedroom and I will be ordering more of these!