Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Understanding Essential Rewards

Now for the smaller details...

Be sure to read the info straight from the Young Living website…

How Does ER work and what are the BENEFITS?

Through an EASY online dashboard, you choose your products each month and add them to your Essential Rewards {ER} order.

You will receive discounted shipping.

You will have a monthly shipping date, but you CAN change your shipping date each month if needed.

ER is completely flexible – order whatever you want each month, it does not have to be the same. You can easily change your order online! Just make sure you check your order the day before it is supposed to process to be sure you have what you want in your cart.

You will earn points on each order to redeem for free product! I am up to 20% and get free products all the time, it's GREAT!

First 3 months on ER ~ earn 10% of your PV
Months 4-24 on ER ~ earn 20% of your PV
Months 24+ on ER ~ earn 25% of your PV

 You get LOYALTY GIFTS!!!!

There really is no risk with ER – you can cancel at any time {make sure you use any available points before canceling}

But WHAT WILL I ORDER? Did you know Young Living is SOOOOO much more than just oils?

Questions about Essential Rewards? Just email me to ask!

Are you a Business Builder?

Wait! What's a Business Builder?
A Business Builder is anyone who has someone signed up under them and wants to earn commission from this sign up!

If you are already on my team and need info about this, please email me! I am happy to help you understand how it all works!

Did you know we have a Business Builders Facebook group? It is a private group and you have to be enrolled in Essential Rewards with a minimum 100 PV per month. If this is you and I haven't added you yet, please let me know!