Sunday, March 15, 2015

Our Favorite Products ~ Promoting Restful Sleep

One of the main reasons I signed up to be a wholesale member with Young Living was to find a natural way to get better sleep!  Now, two years later, I have many great products to choose from and all of them help me!

Help with Promoting Restful Sleep

Peace & Calming was my first love.  I still use it often.  It was nicknamed my “hippie oil” by my husband in the beginning.  This is my favorite for my kids at bedtime.

Peace and Calming (2)


I have loved Lavender in my diffuser at bedtime from the beginning, and about a year ago I began to mix Cedarwood in with the Lavender.  This is my favorite bedtime diffuser combo.



I ordered Rutavala and Tranquil Roll Ons at the same time over a year ago.  I hated both right when I opened them.  I almost gave them away.  But, thankfully I hung on and gave the Rutavala some time.  Now it is my favorite roll on to use at bedtime and I use it every night. I like Tranquil also, but prefer Rutavala. I will warn you though, it is stinky!Rutavala


Recently I randomly put a bottle of SleepEssence in my Essential Rewards order. It was mainly for my husband to try, and man does he love it.  I can’t believe I waited so long to try this.  He takes one every night now, I only use if I feel I really need it.SleepEssence

These are products I try to be sure we never run out of and often have a back up on hand.  I am really thankful for these natural products!