Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Essential Rewards Order ~ Month 28

We got a great May 2015 Essential Rewards order this month! We now have a few regular items that are in our order almost monthly.  When we first signed up with Young Living I was really doubting how I could possibly want to order every month {to be on Essential Rewards}.  As I explored products outside of just oils, it all became so clear.  Young Living has so many amazing products in addition to their oils. This month’s order shows some of our very favorites!

This is our fourth month with the O.I.L. Revolution promotion with Young Living!
Our 2 O.I.L. products were…
Other items in our ER order…
  • SleepEssence
  • RutaVala Roll On
  • Pure Protein Complete {we use this daily now!}
  • Balance Complete
  • Thieves Foaming Hand Soap Refill
  • Digest and Cleanse
  • Carrot Seed {new for me to possibly make sunscreen, if I actually do it!}
  • Inner Child {new for me and I LOVE it already}
  • Roller Fitments
FREEBIES, due to our large ER order…
  • Grapefruit 5 ml
  • Ocotea 5 ml
  • Ningxia Nitro {new to us, thankfully free!}

Monday, May 18, 2015

KidScents Collection

Do you have KidScents yet?  We began using the blends in this kit a few months ago!



KidScents® Oil Collection is a comprehensive kit that addresses the most common concerns of childhood. This kit includes six, mild essential oil blends, formulated just for children:

o GeneYus™
o Owie™
o Bite Buster™
o TummyGize™
o SniffleEase™
o SleepyIze™

Conveniently packaged in an easy-to-carry case, each collection comes with 2 roll-on fitments for easy application, especially for Owie™ and TummyGize™. This arsenal of proprietary blends has been formulated in the appropriate strength to meet the needs of children, and they are safe, natural alternatives to comparable products found on many store shelves.

Click the image below to read more about these blends and ideas for using…

KidScents from Young Living


Individual oils in each blend listed below… 

  • GeneYus – Sacred Frankincense, Blue Cypress, Cedarwood, Melissa, Blue Spruce, Palo Santo, Galbanum, Bergamot, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Geranium, Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Hyssop, Black Spruce, Rose
  • Bite Buster – Idaho tansy, Citronella, Palo Santo
  • TummyGize – Spearmint, Peppermint, Tangerine, Fennel, Anise, Ginger, Cardamom
  • Owie – Idaho balsam fir, Tea tree, Helichrysum, Elemi, Cistus, Hinoki, Clove
  • SniffleEase – Eucalyptus blue, Palo santo, Lavender, Dorado azul, Ravintsara, Myrtle, Eucalyptus globulus, Marjoram, Pine, Eucalyptus citriodora, Cypress, Eucalyptus radiata, Black spruce, Peppermint
  • SleepyIze – Lavender, Geranium, Roman chamomile, Tangerine, Bergamot, Sacred Frankincense, Valerian, Rue

Our personal thoughts so far…

Absolutely love Owie. I have a roller fitment on this one and have it with me all the time. I personally really like SleepyIze but my daughter does not.  It has a different smell than she is used to, I am guessing from the Valerian/Rue in it which I am used to and love since I use RutaVala every night. SniffleEase is awesome too, we have used this one a lot. We haven’t used GenYus or TummyGize much so far. Bite Buster will be used more this summer for obvious reasons!

Overall I am very impressed with the quality of individual oils in each blend. I am really happy Young Living allows single purchases of  SniffleEase, Owie, GeneYus, SleepyIze and TummyGize now!