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Einkorn and Wolfberries ~ YUM!


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Known as one of the oldest varieties of wheat, einkorn’s natural genetic code and low gluten levels make it
more compatible with the human body than modern, hybridized wheat. This makes einkorn grain easier to
so that nutrients are better absorbed. Many of these nutrients are also more abundant in einkorn grain
than in modern wheat, making einkorn a must-have for your pantry. Made of highly nutritious, unhybridized
einkorn flour, Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Rotini is your go-to foundation for nutritious, delicious, fun meals
that bring the goodness of einkorn wheat to the dinner table. Einkorn Rotini is just one more way Young Living is
delivering goodness from our fields to your family.


What’s in it?

Key Ingredients: Stoneground einkorn flour grown in France by artisan farmers. See full ingredient list here in the PDF Product Guide.Einkorn Rotini PDF



  • Q. How is Einkorn Rotini packaged? How many servings are there per package?
  • A. Einkorn Rotini comes in a clear plastic package. Each bag contains 9 ounces (250 grams) of dry pasta, or approximately 4.4 2-ounce servings.


  • Q. Are nuts, soy, dairy, or eggs present in Einkorn Rotini?
  • A. The only ingredients in Einkorn Rotini are einkorn flour and water. However, it is manufactured in a facility that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, soy, milk, and eggs, so we cannot guarantee against cross-contamination with those ingredients.


  • Q. How is einkorn different from other wheat options?
  • A. Einkorn has 14 chromosomes, whereas modern wheat has 42 chromosomes, which in turn has changed its gluten level and overall structure. for the granola, holding it together.



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Served hot or cold, Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Granola is a great way to start your day. The tasty combination of naturally sourced grains, nuts, berries, and seeds provides both simple and complex carbs to keep you going throughout the day. With crunchy clusters mixed with chewy Organic Dried Ningxia Wolfberries, this granola is perfect to pack along with you no matter where you go!


What’s in it?

Key Ingredients: Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Flour, wolfberries, cacao nibs, old-fashioned oats, sunflower seeds, cranberries, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pure vanilla, sea salt, coconut sugar, and Saigon cinnamon. See full ingredient list here in the PDF Product Guide.

Einkorn Granola PDF



  • Q. From where are the nuts used in the granola sourced?
  • A. The almonds, walnuts, and pecans used in Einkorn Granola are sourced from within the United States.


  • Q. Is Einkorn Granola considered gluten free?
  • A. No. Einkorn Granola is not considered gluten free since it contains einkorn wheat, which has gluten in it.


  • Q. What is Saigon cinnamon? Is it the same cinnamon you use to source your Cinnamon Bark essential oil?
  • A. Saigon cinnamon is sourced from Vietnam and was chosen for its rich flavor and heritage. Saigon cinnamon was selected for its more pronounced flavor, aroma, and its high levels of coumarin. It is not the same cinnamon we use for our Cinnamon Bark essential oil.


  • Q. From what is the fruit and grain dextrin derived? What purpose does it serve in Einkorn Granola?
  • A. Fruit and grain dextrin is a natural fruit juice ingredient—a healthier alternative to corn syrup. It is used as a binder for the granola.


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Gary’s True Grit™ Wolfberry Crisp Bar – Chocolate Coated combines wholesome grains, fruits, nuts, and whey into a convenient, snack-sized bar that is perfect to take on the go. Drizzled in rich dark chocolate and flavored with sweet coconut and wolfberries, these taste like a decadent treat but are packed with satisfying nutrition. Einkorn flour, quinoa, flax seed, whey crisp, pea protein crisp, and almonds provide complex carbohydrates, protein, and fiber that will keep the whole family energized and full. You’ll also feel great knowing they’re made of all naturally derived ingredients without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


What’s in it?

Key Ingredients: Dark chocolate, Dried wolfberries, Puffed einkorn flour, Quinoa, Whey crisps, Pea protein crisps, Flax seeds, Almonds, Shredded coconut. See full ingredient list here in the PDF Product Guide.

Wolfberry Bar PDF



  • Q. Are Wolfberry Crisp Bars considered meal replacement bars?
  • A. No. Wolfberry Crisp Bars are not considered meal replacements, as they do not contain enough calories or all the nutrients necessary for a complete meal. They are intended to be a convenient snack bar for on-the-go eating.


  • Q. Are Chocolate-Coated Wolfberry Crisp Bars gluten-free?
  • A. No, they are not gluten free, as einkorn grain is used in the formula. Einkorn has lower (2:1) ratio for gliadin and gluten for better digestibility compared to hard red wheat but still contains gluten and may not be appropriate for all diets.


  • Q. Do Chocolate-Coated Wolfberry Crisp Bars contain any soy or soy-derived ingredients? Corn or cornderived ingredients? Nuts or nut-derived ingredients? Dairy or dairy-derived ingredients?
  • A. Wolfberry Crips Bars are made without corn and soy derived ingredients, but they do contain almonds and whey protein, which is derived from milk.


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