Saturday, July 23, 2016

Slique CitraSlim

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Slique CitraSlim™ is formulated with naturally derived ingredients to promote healthy weight management when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.*

What’s in it?

Key Ingredients: A proprietary citrus extract blend, utilizing including sweet orange, blood orange, and grapefruit, four citral-dense essential oils: Ocotea, Cassia, Peppermint, and Fennel, cinnamon powder, bitter orange extract, feungreek seed, ocotea leaf extract, and a customized blend of enzymes. See full ingredient list here in the PDF Product Guide.

Slique CitraSlim PDF


  • Q. Why did YL reformulate Slique CitraSlim powder capsules?
  • A. At Young Living, we continuously strive to improve our products by using new technologies and better delivery systems to improve the efficacy and quality of our products. As soon as we found new scientific approaches that would increase the benefits of the Slique line, we immediately started working on their reformulation.


  • Q. Why does Slique CitraSlim only contain one oil capsule?
  • A. With the reformulation of the powder capsule and the use of the citrus-derived sinetrol, the most effective ratio for this new combination is one oil capsule instead of two.


  • Q. Are any Slique CitraSlim ingredients derived from corn, soy, dairy, or nuts? Is CitraSlim considered vegan or vegetarian?
  • A. Slique CitraSlim caps do not contain any corn, soy, dairy, or nut-derived ingredients. CitraSlim caps are considered both vegan and vegetarian.


Personal Thoughts…

I put this in my Essential Rewards order right away and I have it already! I haven’t started using it yet, but will be getting started soon.

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Slique Citraslim