Sunday, August 21, 2016

Back to School ~ Recipes for Kids

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These are some great recipes to add to your collection!  We personally love the stinky spray and use it in our bathroom too!  am new to making my own soap, I have used the Thieves soap from Young Living but will be trying to make my own soon!

You can click on the graphics above to enlarge, click here or on the PDF file below to print the recipes all on one page!

Back to School Recipes

Helpful Items to make these recipes:


More to come! 

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Don’t have your Starter Kit yet? Now is the time!  Be prepared to maintain wellness as your kids go back to school and the winter months approach. Email me for access to a free online class that explains the starter kit more and what being a member of Young Living is all about {not nearly as complicated as you might think!}.