Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New Essential Oils Accessories


The Core Vitality Case is a pill organizer, Vitality™ essential oil holder, and accessory case all in one!

Its eight-section clear plastic pill box holds seven daily doses of Core Supplements™ vitamins and any other supplements in your daily regimen, while the eighth section holds extra Clear Vegetable Capsules, so you have them whenever you need them. The case also features a convenient pill stand to hold vegetable capsules steady while filling them with your favorite Vitality oils.

The case holds three 5-ml dietary essential oil bottles, each with their own sturdy elastic band to hold the oil in place. We also included an interior pocket to hold additional supplements and accessories such as pipettes and an exterior zippered pocket for your business cards, cash, keys, and more. Its fabric and faux leather construction is durable enough to keep up with your busy life.


This one-of-a-kind essential oil display system allows you to arrange your oils for easy identification and storage. Designed with convenience in mind, it is customizable to your needs—whether that’s to fit it in a drawer or cabinet or to create a beautiful display for all to see. Its two trays can hold 22 oils and can be configured to lie flat or converted into a multi-tiered standing display rack. The trays are also easy to position side by side or front to back. If you need to save space in a drawer, simply overlap the trays to reduce the width. Whatever your storage needs are, the Essential Oil Bottle Organizer is a great fit for every home.

See the product information guide here.


  • Q. What size bottles will it hold?
  • A. It will hold 5-, 10-, or 15-ml bottles.


  • Q. Each tray looks a little different. Why?
  • A. Each tray is dipped in a floating hydrographic film, making each one unique.


  • Q. Are there replacement parts available?
  • A. There are no replacement parts available at this time; however, you can lay the unit flat and it will still hold the oils.


  • Q. How do I clean the trays?
  • A. Wipe down the trays with a moist, non-abrasive cloth.

I bought a set right away and I love mine!  One box included this one you see below and the other half is in my kitchen. I love the way it displays my oils especially right by my diffuser in the living room to keep things neat.

Young Living Oil Holder -5846