Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 2017 Young Living Promotions

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While I love the oils in this month’s promo, I want to be sure you notice the 20 ER points at 250 and the 40 ER points at 300! I love when Young Living gives ER points, that way I can choose my free gift! February 2017 Young Living Promo WHO

Here’s how it works…

300 PV Retail Value: $187.69

    • 5-ml PanAway: Known for its invigorating scent and tingling sensation, PanAway® is a great way to pamper yourself, especially if your routine includes physical activity. Apply it to your back or neck to relax before or after a workout.
    • 40 Essential Rewards points: Treat yourself to your favorite YL goodies with 40 Essential Rewards points. Use them to splurge on that product you’ve been eyeing for months. Each point is worth 1 PV!
    • 5-ml Palo Santo: Create an environment that is perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating by diffusing Palo Santo. This spicy, woodsy oil will infuse your space with a refreshing and inspiring aroma.
    • 15-ml Wintergreen: Unwind after a long day with a relaxing mini-massage enhanced with Wintergreen’s sweet, minty fragrance and cool, tingling sensation or diffuse this potent oil to create an uplifting space.
    • Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 15-ml Eucalyptus Radiata: Use the strong, earthy, crisp aroma of Eucalyptus Radiata for a midday pick-me-up. Apply it to the nape of your neck or chest to experience its powerful, fresh aroma.
    • Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 5-ml Lemongrass: Add this oil’s moisturizing properties to your favorite lotion or wear its sweet, citrus aroma on its own or with other essential oils for a signature scent!

250 PV, Retail Value: $121.31

    • 20 Essential Rewards Points
    • 5-ml Palo Santo
    • 15-ml Wintergreen
    • 15-ml Eucalyptus Globulus
    • Bonus Essential Rewards exclusives: 5-ml Lemongrass

190 PV, Retail Value: $55.92

    • 15ml Wintergreen
    • 15-ml Eucalyptus Radiata
    • Bonus Essential Rewards exclusives: 5-ml Lemongrass

      100 PV, Retail Value: $8.22

        • Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 5-ml Lemongrass

        If you are new to Young Living’s promotions, these items will automatically be added to your shipment if you meet the qualifying PV. You don’t have to add them anywhere, just know at the 100, 190, 250, and 300 PV mark the corresponding goodies will be added to your box! FUN!

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        You like FREE stuff right?  Especially if you are already hooked on the oils, this sounds really nice, huh?  Learn more about ER here and feel free to email me with any questions you have!

        The Essential Rewards program got even better recently! Young Living just launched this updated plan in September 2016!  It is even better than it was before with better point earning percentages and free gifts!!!


        So, it’s time to stock up to get to the PV mark you desire…


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        Current Young Living members can access all of the details of this February 2017 promo in their dashboard. Click on Member Resources, and then the tab at the bottom that says “Business Center” and this will pull up the graphics with the details.

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