Thursday, May 4, 2017

Valor is Back!


Just in case you don’t know why this is a BIG deal, let me share some information with you…

A few years ago, as a company Young Living was growing at a rate of about 4-6% per year. Planning ahead was easily done by the company.

And then they exploded, 150% growth per year. Um, planning ahead became much more difficult with that rate of growth.

Young Living’s supply of BLACK SPRUCE became an issue. Instead of compromising, YL spent millions and bought its own black spruce farm in Northern Canada!

Then BLUE TANSY was the issue. This time due to a bad growing season. Valor suffered again – because YL refuses to compromise quality. <~~ that's a good thing.

Next the issue was ROSEWOOD. Rosewood is close to becoming an endangered species so an alternative needed to be found. This has finally happened thanks to CAMPHOR WOOD oil!

Finally, #valorisback {ahhhhh}

Personally, I am thankful Valor has been out of stock because this only confirms how amazing the quality of our company is. Not compromising quality for profit is my kind of thing. I’d rather wait for the best.

Be sure to grab yours, limit one 5ml bottle per month.

Here’s more about Valor…

  • Use for an at-home massage by combining a few drops of Valor with Young Living’s V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex or ask your significant other for a foot or back massage. We know you deserve it!
  • Diffuse this oil to fill your area with its grounding aroma. It’s perfect for your office space or wherever you sit down to power through your checklist.
  • Apply this sweet, woodsy blend to your wrists, temples, or chest when preparing to take on a challenging day. Its confidence-boosting aroma will help you feel ready to seize the day.
  • Create custom skin care by adding a few drops of Valor to a neutral lotion. Store in a travel-sized container in your purse, car, or office, so you can always apply a scent as unique as you.

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Why We Love Valor