Tuesday, July 3, 2018

4th of July Support


Fireworks are a common tradition on the 4th of July, but the loud noises can make for an unsettling evening for those that have served in uniform and your furry friends. Use Lavender and Stress Away, two Premium Starter Kit favorites, to help provide a calming atmosphere.
lavender_15ml_silo_us_2016_24419030552_o   stressaway_15ml_silo_us_2016_24444825541_o

Other calming favorites are Peace & Calming and Valor.

PeaceCalming_5ml_Silo_2016   valor_5ml_silo_us_2016_24159414289_o
Always be sensitive when introducing oils to your dog and do not be forceful. It’s good to have your pet get used to the new aroma slowly. Simply petting with an oil on your palm is an easy way. Diffusing is also a great way. You can also use these oils on your pet’s pads or paws.
Need a GREAT reference guide to help you with your animals? We recommend the Essential Oils Animal Desk Reference Guide.

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