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Welcome to Oily Little World!

This blog was never supposed to happen.

You see, I {Carisa} signed up as a wholesale member for Young Living under my good friend Jodi back in February 2013. I was pretty skeptical but Young Living had a good deal going on and I really trusted Jodi so I decided to give it a shot.  My husband {Frank} thought I was a bit nuts, although he supported my explorations.

Frank was not interested in my oily adventures at all in the beginning.

For over a year he barely touched any of my Young Living products.

Slowly, he began to pay attention to the results I was seeing in a few areas and began to open up to the idea. He let me suggest some things to him and had some good results.

He tried Inner Defense.

He tried Thieves oil.

He tried Lemon oil.

He began to sleep well when I diffused Lavender and Cedarwood.

He started cleaning with Thieves cleaner, and loved it.

He began drinking Ningxia Red.

He began taking SleepEssence.

This blog is here because of my husband, the total skeptic.  The total skeptic who now loves our oils.

I had always shared a tiny bit on my homeschooling blog and through my "Our Oily Little World" newsletter, but my husband had never been a part of that.

Now, we are here together sharing our Oily Little World with you!

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