Reactivate Your Young Living Membership

Has your Young Living membership gone inactive?

It's time to reactivate your membership!

Come back to my oily community and I will send you a welcome back gift!

There are so many new things to share with you, many changes and exciting new product lines you may not have seen yet! If you have a desire to have non-toxic products in your home, Young Living is for YOU!

Have you seen...

How to reactivate your membership:

Either call customer service at 1-800-371-3515 or go on live help by going to and clicking live help at the top.

Give them your name, member number and 4 digit pin number if you remember it. If you don’t, tell them that you are reactivating and that you don’t remember. They will help you open your account. {You still have your same member number and wholesale account, even though you have gone inactive, so you just need to call or go on live help and place your order.}

You must reactivate under my member number #1410471 {Carisa Hinson} to receive my welcome back offer!

To get my special offer and the best deal, you can choose to order a new Premium Starter kit or simply place a 100PV order. What is PV? PV = Personal Volume and is usually equivalent to $ value but be sure to check as you add products to your cart.

Before you assume you don’t need/want another Premium Starter Kit, be sure to look at the options. These are the BEST deal for what you get. A new oil PSK came out in March 2018, so it won’t be the same as the one you got when you enrolled. The new oil PSK has a new diffuser option {Desert Mist} and new oils included, as well as a sample of Thieves Household Cleaner!

Click on the graphics to enlarge!

Another PSK option is the Thieves PSK – which is perfect if you are desiring to get more natural home products into your house.

There’s also a Savvy Minerals Makeup PSK now and the Ningxia Red PSK.

Don't want a PSK? Browse the YL product catalog here and put together your 100PV order!

Any questions at all, email me: